Entry #5

get upates of my stuff

2013-10-10 23:37:11 by F1kaF11990

this is the site were you can find all my screen shots of my work, and updates
head over there and see whats hot and new.


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2014-01-09 18:35:49

Hey! This might be the only way to reach you so far lol but I can't get a hold of your email since I can't reply to your messages on Newgrounds (says I need to be one of your contacts to do so).

I did the general's lines and wanted to give them to you :)

F1kaF11990 responds:

ok, send them to me by e-mail

my email should be arbanims@gmail.com


2016-05-09 04:36:40

If you need another co-writer im free anytime you want